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Book Southwest Flights

book southwest flights

  • The southwestern part of a country, region, or town

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  • the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

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book southwest flights - Crash of

Crash of Twa Flight 260

Crash of Twa Flight 260

At 7:05 am on February 19, 1955, TWA Flight 260 took off from the Albuquerque airport for a short flight to Santa Fe. The plane's approved air route was a dog-leg running north-northwest from Albuquerque, then east-northeast into Santa Fe to avoid flying over the Sandia Mountains. At 7:08 am the Ground Service Help at the airport saw Flight 260 about half a mile north of the airport terminal headed directly toward Sandia Ridge, almost entirely obscured by storm clouds. An Air Force Colonel standing in front of his home a mile and half northeast of the airport saw Flight 260 pass overhead and observed that if the plane was eastbound, it was too low; if it was northbound, it was off course. At 7:12 am the plane's terrain-warning bell sounded its alarm. Instinctively looking out the window, both pilots suddenly saw the sheer west face of the Sandias just beyond the right wingtip. It was an appalling shock considering they should have been ten miles further west. Reacting instantly, they rolled the plain steeply to the left and pulled its nose up. When the heading indicator indicated a westerly heading, they started to level the wings. It was their final act. Hidden by the storm, another cliff-side lay directly ahead. When they struck it, they were still in a left bank, nose high. Charles Williams, one of the first men on the scene of this horrific crash, has spent a lifetime unraveling the enigmas of TWA Flight 260's final flight. It is a tale of days, minutes, and seconds spread out over the span of half a century and a dramatic mystery cast upon a beautiful and treacherous mountain. In the end, Williams helps solve some of the controversies surrounding the crash, including the Civil Aeronautics Board's over-swift determination that the pilots were at fault.

77% (15)

Common Black-hawk

Common Black-hawk

I knew from Pete Dunne's raptor book The Wind Masters that the Zone-tailed Hawk is a Turkey Vulture mimic. But I was not prepared for how well the Black-hawk mimics a Black Vulture -- and I was not at all prepared for how well the Harris Hawk mimics a raven, right down to the wedge-shaped tail. What is it about the Southwest that so strongly drives aggressive mimicry in buteos? Is it just that there's no cover, so the only way to surprise your prey is by 'hiding in plain view'? Why wouldn't that be just as true of other open habitats (prairie, e.g.)?

This was my life bird. We were treated to a pair of them putting on quite a show -- one of them making repeated dives at the other. Blackhawks do nest at this site, but these 2 seemed to be just migrating through -- they were circling in a kettle with a couple of other raptors. The ranger there said that the first of the season had been seen just the day before, so we were very lucky.

Always interesting comparing pics in the field guide to jizz in real life. The white undertail is considerably less noticeable than it appears in the field guide. Ditto the Harris Hawk's white undertail. The Zone-tailed Hawk's, though, is prominent.

Why I LUV Southwest.

Why I LUV Southwest.

So far, I have collected 947 points with the new Rapid Rewards system. Instead of traditional mileage programs, Southwest's takes effect IMMEDIATELY, and accumulated points are subtracted from the overhead costs of the flight. What remains are taxes and any additional charges the end user applies.

Traditional mileage programs require the accrual of at least a certain amount of miles before taking effect.

book southwest flights

book southwest flights

Flights of Fancy - Volume 1 (SE)

Welcome aboard! This is the maiden flight for Flights ofFancy. It is the first volume of my poetry, and encompasses aselection of poems written over the past twenty-five years.My home is in the mountains of southwestern New Mexico.The pines and junipers are my neighbors. Mountainstouch the sky outside my window. The inspiration for many ofthese poems come from here.Inside these pages, are many kinds of flights. Each is designedto showcase an aspect of life. From the joy of life, tothe beauty of nature, to the sadness of loss, it is recorded here.By sharing these, may you see that life is very awe-inspiring.Each moment is so precious. Time passes too fastwhen one is distracted.Enjoy!

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